FreeSync is an adaptive synchronization technology for LCD and OLED displays

Is Freesync Worth It In 2023 Everything You Need To Know?

FreeSync is a technology that allows AMD graphics cards to moderate the refresh rate of ...
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how to overclock monitor refresh rate

How To Overclock Your Monitor? (Best Easy Ways)

Overclocking, as the name suggests, increases the running rate of any component or device by ...
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60 Hz good for gaming

Is 60Hz Good For Gaming In 2023? (Complete Guide)

Refresh rate is the rate at which a monitor can refresh the display produced on ...
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Information about variable refresh rate

What Is Variable Refresh Rate? (Complete Guide 2023)

Variable refresh rate or VRR is a technology that monitors the refresh rate of your ...
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Steps to increase refresh rate on Android

How To Increase Refresh Rate On Android?

Here, we will be discussing refresh rates, their importance, refresh rates on mobiles, related settings ...
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Refresh rate test tool

Why Is Your 144hz Monitor Running At 60hz?

The refresh rate is the frequency at which images are shown on the monitor by ...
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how to remove white dots from laptop screen

How To Remove White Spot On Laptop Screen?

Many users have a problem with the laptop screen getting white spots. Sometimes it is ...
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methods to show FPS in CSGO

How To Show FPS In CSGO (Ultimate Guide 2023)

Many games have changed the perception and appearance of the gaming world. Just like that, ...
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fps in minecraft

How To Increase FPS In Minecraft? ( 2023 UPDATED)

Improving your Minecraft FPS rate and eliminating lag from the system can help you get ...
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