About Us

We offer our users a platform to test and compare various frame rates when gaming or streaming videos. Slow and choppy gaming sessions are a topic of concern for all gaming enthusiasts.

So, our team of professionals developed the FPS(frames per second) tool, which determines how your hardware is performing while gaming. It counts the number of frames per second the user receives on the screen. The higher the FPS, the smoother is the animation with reduced ghosting and low system latency.

The easily-adaptable user interface of our tool, its 24/7 availability, and many more efficient features make it convenient for any user to examine their frames per second rate effortlessly in real-time while it's happening and mark the device's performance. This makes our tool superior to other fps tools.

To proceed with our unique, instant, and reliable fps test, all the players need to do is choose the number of tests and scores in pixels to compare various frame rates precisely and get accurate outcomes.

So gaming freaks, why give a second thought? Buckle up and take our Frame per second(FPS) test to inspect your system's frame rate, providing you with a convenient gaming performance without any latency.