Dead Pixel Fixer

What Is Dead Pixel Fixer?

A dead pixel fixer is usually a tool that can be used to repair dead pixels on monitors, mobiles, or tablets. Dead pixels are usually damaged or impaired pixels on the LCD screen that appear to be either black, white, or different than the other pixels on the screen.

These dead pixels distort the display of the screen and can often be displeasing to the eyes. Apart from this, they can also hinder the visibility on the screen.

The pixel fixer helps in fixing these dead or stuck pixels and can save you the cost to visit a professional or get a new monitor.

How To Use Dead Pixel Fixer?

The dead pixel fixer works in two stages- the first one being the detection of dead pixels and the second one is fixing them. To detect and fix dead pixels on your monitor using our tool, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Detection of dead pixels.

  • Open your browser and visit
  • Now go to the 'dead pixel test' page.
  • Start the test and detect where the dead pixels are.
  • You can also click a picture using another device to remember the positions of dead pixels.
Step 2

Fixing dead pixels.

  • On your browser, open the dead pixel fixer webpage.
  • Scroll a little lower, and you will see a button to 'Launch'.
  • Press this button to start a screen fixing process.
  • Here, you can see a draggable window with flashing pixels.
  • You can drag this flashing window over the damaged pixels and leave them on for about 10 minutes like a patch.
  • After around 10 minutes, exit the fixer window, and the dead pixels might be gone by now.

Other Ways To Fix Dead Pixel

Apart from the dead pixel fixer, other ways can help with fixing the dead pixels. You can try them yourself. Just make sure you use the proper steps with caution.


Pressure Method

The pressure method is where you apply some pressure to the area with stuck pixels to regulate the flow of electricity and get them back to working properly. All you have to do is turn off the monitor after you have located the stuck pixels and apply some gentle pressure on that area using a lint-free cloth. Regulating the flow of current can help light up those pixels that were not getting enough current and were appearing dead.


Tap Method

A tapping method is an easy option if you want to clear any present dead pixels. To repair pixels using the tapping method, you need any object with a blunt round end, a pencil with an eraser or a pen would do. Now, gently press it on the areas with dead/stuck pixels. It would show a dripping effect when you do so. Do this a few times and the pixels would clear up.

Precaution- Make sure you do not overdo it as it may damage the screen. Also, make sure not to apply excess pressure.


Using the Soft Cloth Method

The soft cloth method uses heat to ensure the proper flow of liquid to the black pixels to make it work. This is how to use the soft cloth method to clear dead pixels. Wear gloves to protect your hands and then, take a piece of cloth and wet it in hot water. Now, take this cloth and seal it into a ziplock bag. Use this bag to gently massage the affected area on the screen. This will help the liquid to move properly in the area and the black spots will disappear.

What Do If Dead Pixel Not Fixed

If the problem has been too deeply rooted, you might not be able to fix the dead pixels. In such a case,

Check The Warranty

If the monitor that you are facing issues with is new and is within the manufacturer or seller warranty, you can take them to the store for free and get them checked. If possible, the dead pixels would be fixed on the same monitor, or you could even be sent a replacement.

Get New Monitor

If your monitor is out of warranty, and the dead pixels are too vastly spread, then it is high time you get a new one. Make sure to keep the monitor in good condition and buy one with a longer warranty period.

How To Avoid Dead Pixel On Screen

Monitors are quite sensitive and expensive as well. So, it is important to maintain the screen health, and to do so, you have to keep it safe from the factors that cause dead pixels.


Clean Screen Regular

Dirt or debris is one of the prime reasons for dead pixels appearing on your screen. Cleaning your monitor regularly would help keep it clean and safe from the formation of hot pixels and would guarantee a longer duration of use.

Maintain Temperature

Overheating of the LCD monitor sometimes causes the liquid in the back of the display to dishevel. This is usually the cause of bad pixels and black spots on your screen. If you can maintain the temperature of your device, it would keep it safe from getting deformed.


Avoid Direct Sunlight Exposure

Monitors are not meant to be exposed to the sun. This can cause its heating as well as dirt due to exposure to the outside environment. Thus, going against both the care rules of a monitor. so, it is necessary to avoid any direct sunlight exposure for a healthy monitor.


Cross Platform Support

Cross Platform Support

As this is an online tool that is supported on all browsers, it can be accessed on all platforms. So no matter what system you are on, you can always use this tool to fix dead pixels.

100% Free

100% Free

We do not charge for our services. You can simply visit the website, drag the flashing window to the affected area, and get your job done, all for free. We would never ask you to pay a single penny, ever.

Quick and Easy

Quick and Easy

Using the tool, you do not have to live without your monitor for hours. You simply need to start working, wait 10 minutes and you are good to go. Neither do you have to look for a professional while using it and can use it completely on your own.

No Download Required

No Download Required

Do not wish to lose space over fixing software, we got you! The tool does not require to be downloaded to be used. Simply visit the website on your regular browser and access the dead pixel fixer tool.


In most cases, dead pixels can go away with the help of a pixel fixer, tools, or manual methods. If these fail, the monitors can be taken to a professional to get them tested and repaired.

Fixing dead pixels is possibly the only way to keep them from spreading. You can try fixing them manually or using a fixer tool to stop them from spreading and keep your monitor new-like longer.

Yes, many software and websites are available to remove black spots from your laptop screen which are most possibly stuck pixels on your display. You can try this tool or JScreenFix to remove these spots from the screen.